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Why publish in CC?

The goal is to transform the CC into an international cancer journal with the highest possible exposure and readership.


1. All articles in CC will appear both in print and online.

2. An advantage of CC is its quick publication and free access to Pubmed/Medline and PubMed Central with full text. So your articles will be widely cited and read.

3. CC will be published in English.

4. CC encourages timely peer reviews and seeks to provide an editorial decision.

bet36最新备用网站 We recognize that excellent papers may have been passed over by other journals. We will reconsider papers that have been rejected by other famous international journals. We encourage authors to enclose the reviewers’ and/or editorial comments from the original journal in order to expedite the evaluation of the article. Of course, it is also possible that the article might be accepted based on its previous review. This will allow the urgent and competitive research to be published on the day of submission.

Open Access Policy

All CC articles are freely available on CC website to all potential readers shortly after acceptance.


Manuscript Submission

To get more information of manuscript preparation and submit your paper, please log in our website in BioMed Central


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Editorial Manager

CC adopts Editorial Manager to manage its submissions from Dec.18, 2014


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